About Faculty

Our Mission

Contribute to the betterment of our society through the pursuit of innovative education, active learning and cutting edge scientific research.

It is our mission to provide the best possible solutions for your business needs.

Providing opportunities and creating an academic environment for the exchange of cultures, social, political and ideological knowledge and professional talents among the students as well as the faculty.

Assure quality and foster systematic pursuit of improvement in quality of education to graduate engineers with abilities to analyze and interpret data, design and conduct experiments, apply knowledge to solving engineering problems in a global, economic, environmental, societal context with focus on social, political , Ethical, health and safety, manufacturability, and sustainability in a life-long learning capacity.

Our Vision

Our vision is to move the Engineering Faculty of the Aksaray University further ahead as the leading faculty in its area and make our graduates the professionals that are most demanded in the industry for their well known professional skills, scientific background, international culture and moral values.​​